The price of the color additive depends on the color chosen.  Colors vary greatly in price.  While we take every precaution to achieve a match with the color that our customers choose from the chart, there are a lot of variables out of our control that affect the finish color,  Stamp Pattern, release color, sealer, sand, rock, water, jobsite conditions, etc.  For these reasons, it is impossible to get an exact match and the final color will vary.   This is normal and we do not guarantee the final color.  

Choosing a color does not have to be difficult.  Are there to many choices, just tell us the color you desire.
Maroon, Charcoal, Brown etc.  This is generally the easiest way.  We offer these color choices as a way to determine what it is our customers want but for most, it is just simply to many choices.  Need some help deciding, just give us a call and we can assist.